Some answers to your Smog Check Related Questions


Do I Need A Smog Inspection When Selling My Car?

You will only need a smog check if the gas vehicle you are selling is older than 4 years old but made after 1975. If your car is a Diesel, then you will need a smog inspection if the car was made after 1997.

However, some vehicles are exempt from smog inspections. Here is a list of them:

  • 1975 and older year-model and gas-powered.

  • 1997 and older year-model and diesel-powered.

  • Diesel-powered and weighs 14,001 pounds or more GVW.

  • Electric-powered.

  • Equipped with a two-cycle engine.

  • Natural gas-powered and weighs 14,001 pounds or more GVW.

  • A motorcycle.

  • A trailer.

  • Special equipment.

  • An off-highway vehicle.

  • A crane.

  • A cement mixer.

  • A forklift.

  • A golf cart.

  • A street sweeper originally manufactured as a street sweeper and incapable of use for any other purpose. This does not include a vehicle that has been converted or retrofitted with a vacuum or sweeper.

  • Being transferred between family members (spouse, domestic partner, parent, child, sibling, grandparent, or grandchild) or by court order. A REG 256 must be completed for the exemption.

After we finish the inspection, we issue a smog certification for your car and we also submit the certification electronically to the DMV. We also provide you with a physical copy of the certificate which has a unique code that can be used to recall the smog certification record if needed.