We have the easiest parking for our customers. Just drive right on up and when you’re done, navigate out of our spacious parking lot. It’s quick and simple and it’s one of the many reasons why our customers love our shop.

We also know that dealing with car stuff can be daunting. Many of our customers are afraid that their car won’t pass the smog check. But here at KY Smog & Test Only, our goal is to help alleviate that worry. Our business philosophy is to be straightforward, kind, and to treat each customer with respect, only charging you when your car passes. Our “No Pass, No Pay” policy, is just one of the many ways we ensure excellent service to our customers.

Below are some of the other amenities of KY Smog & Test Only:

  • STAR Certified

  • Quick 10 Minute Service

  • Easy Parking

  • Pass or Don’t Pay

  • STAR 站

  • 10分鐘服務

  • 停車方便

  • 只要付款如果你的汽车排煙检查通过